Festival overdose victim took multiple pills before event in an effort to avoid police detection

Inquest hears Alex Ross-King consumed MDMA tablets because she was afraid of being caught with drugs at Sydney’s Fomo music festival

Alex Ross-King, 19, died from a drug overdose at a music festival in New South Wales in January. Afraid of police at the venue, she took three pills of MDMA before arriving so she wouldn’t get caught.

The day of the festival was hot – with temperatures between 31 and 34 degrees. While resting under a tree, her friends left to find water and ice to cool her down, but by the time they returned, it was too late.

She developed a temperature of 41 degrees with a rapid and irregular pulse. She went into cardiac arrest and after hours of attempted resuscitation, could not be revived.

There have been a number of deaths due to incidents, almost identical to that of Alex Ross-King and many in the political arena are now taking notice of the critical importance of testing allowed in festivals.

If you plan to consume substances at festivals, it is imperative that doses be taken at safer levels and NEVER ingest anything on the fear of arrest. It is also critical that, with MDMA specifically, body temperature must be maintained. Drink plenty of fluids like Gatorade with electrolytes and keep cool. If you feel unwell, get immediate help. Emergency medical services are only there for your safety and health.

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