NBOMe and Fake LSD

We have recently noticed a disturbing increase in the number of reported fake LSD tabs that are testing positive for the Ehrlich reagent. In this article, we will be discussing the fake (alternative) LSD.

Before we begin, let’s take a stroll through the history of NBOMe.  The common/brand names are listed below:

2C-C-NBOMe = (25C-NBOMe; NBOMe-2C-C);
2C-I-NBOMEe = (25I-NBOMe; NBOMe-2C-I);
mescaline-NBOMe = (345-NBOMe; NBOMEe-mescaline)

NBOMe was first synthesized in 2007 by Dr. David Nichols and we have reports of the first human use in 2010.  The NBOMe series of chemicals are primarily N-o-methoxybenzyl analogs of the 2C-X family of phenethylamines and are very powerful 5-HT2A (serotonin 2A) receptor agonists. A few are amphetamine analogs. With few exceptions (e.g. mescaline-NBOMe), compounds in this group are active at very low (sub-milligram) doses.

The dangers of NBOMe arise from the distinctive ability to thicken the blood and thinning the blood vessels.  Due to this, a whole host of other issues including ventricular fibrillation leading to heart attack, renal failure, and even stroke may occur.  In this way, NBOMe is different from most other hallucinogens. There has never been a recorded overdose with LSD, mushrooms, or mescaline.

So, what can we do to reduce the possibilities of taking an NBOMe on accident?  There are two reagents that are recommended, Ehrlich and Marquis.  Ehrlich will be able to identify a positive reaction to LSD & 1P-LSD by giving a purple reaction.  However, some people in an effort to reduce their costs are selling NBOMe tabs with melatonin to trick the Ehrlich into showing a positive reaction.  This is where Marquis comes in to help, simply test a piece of a tab with one drop of the Marquis and observe any reaction.  There should be no reaction to the Marquis reagent but if there is, 25i-NBOMe turns orange to black and 25c-NBOMe turns yellow to orange.

So now you know, while Ehrlich is a great test, if there is any doubt, use a drop of Marquis as well and as always, be safe!

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