Ehrlich & Hofmann (LSD, DMT) Kit

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Your Ehrlich & Hofmann Reagent Kit will arrive with everything you need!  We use the highest quality chemicals and bottles, complete with a reagent proof euro dropper for SAFE and EASY testing.

We guarantee the longest shelf life possible with fresh reagents and dark amber glass bottles to protect from light degradation, plastic absorption, and moisture.  

And of course, we always offer FREE shipping in discreet plain white boxes. Return address is labeled as PR_USA

Each Kit Includes:

✪ One (1) Ehrlich Reagent (primary reagent for LSD)

✪ One (1) Hofmann Reagent (primary reagent for DMT)

✪ Two (2) Child Resistant Storage Containers (one per reagent)

✪ One (1) Set of Instructions and Substance Identification Chart

✪ Two (2) Testing Vials (for testing on-the-go)


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Caught a dealer selling fake shrooms

5.0 rating

This kit tested accurately and matched up with the effects I experienced from each product I tested. I even caught a dealer selling what he claimed to be home-grown, ground psilocybin mushrooms, but which actually contained no psilocybin at all, but 4-HO-MET, a synthetic analogue of psilocin with nearly indistinguishable effects. Thank you Prism! I am highly satisfied with my purchase.


Works for all Trpytamines

5.0 rating

Get this if you love lsd, dmt, and other tryptamines. You’ll be glad you have it when your friend gives you sketchy looking dmt.


DMT for the Win

5.0 rating

If you’re looking to test DMT, just get this and you’ll be solid for a year at least.