Ehrlich Reagent (LSD, DMT)

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Your Ehrlich Reagent Kit will arrive with everything you need!  We use the highest quality chemicals and bottles, complete with a reagent proof euro dropper for SAFE and EASY testing.

We guarantee the longest shelf life possible with fresh reagents and dark amber glass bottles to protect from light degradation, plastic absorption, and moisture.  

And of course, we always offer FREE shipping in discreet plain white boxes. Return address is labeled as PR_USA

Each Kit Includes:

✪ One (1) Ehrlich Reagent

✪ One (1) Child Resistant Storage Container

✪ One (1) Set of Instructions and Substance Identification Chart

✪ One (1) Testing Vial (for testing on-the-go)


5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
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Stays Good a long time

5.0 rating

I’ve had my same bottle for 9 months and its still good. If you’re not sure if its still good, just test it with some 5-HTP. It’ll turn purple like any other indole. 🙂 Oh, and keep it in the fridge if you can, maybe that is helping.


Gel Tabs

5.0 rating

Got some gell tabs and it’s in the instructions I got with the kit and it worked. Just rub a tiny piece on white paper and let it dry and then test it. Now go have fun!


Better safe than sorry

5.0 rating

I’ve been using this reagent for 8 months and it’s still good, I keep it in the green storage container in the back of the fridge so hopefully it lasts a long time. Never had a problem and it works every time. 🙂


It Works!

5.0 rating

Tested a few tabs and they all turned purple almost instantly.


Does what it says it does

5.0 rating

As the title says, it arrived packaged well in a plain box. Was able to test several things and just feel a bit better about what I put in my body, peace of mind. The paper copy of the substance chart is really nice but I also downloaded the Apple App and once I figured it out, it was super easy, just turn the phone brightness all the way up. Great job. I purchased the ehrlich, marquis, mandelin, and mecke and they all seem good.