Marquis Reagent (MDMA)

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Your Marquis Reagent Kit will arrive with everything you need!  We use the highest quality chemicals and bottles, complete with a reagent proof euro dropper for SAFE and EASY testing.

We guarantee the longest shelf life possible with fresh reagents and dark amber glass bottles to protect from light degradation, plastic absorption, and moisture.  

And of course, we always offer FREE shipping in discreet plain white boxes. Return address is labeled as PR_USA

Each Kit Includes:

✪ One (1) Marquis Reagent

✪ One (1) Child Resistant Storage Container

✪ One (1) Set of Instructions and Substance Identification Chart

✪ One (1) Testing Vial (for testing on-the-go)


5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%

A great deal

5.0 rating

Contacted the company and they even gave me a promo code, saved some money!


Marquis is a Must Have

5.0 rating

If you’re going to get one reagent, you should definitely get this one, it tests a bunch of stuff.

Chris T.

Works perfectly for mdma

5.0 rating

It worked as described and makes me feel a lot safer. Thanks!


Glad they sent Gloves

5.0 rating

These guys are the only kit I’ve ordered where they sent gloves with it. Had another reagent with a plastic squeezy bottle and accidentally leaned on the bottle and got the chemical all over my hands and it ended up on the wood floor and actually burned a hole in it. I like the glass bottles from these guys, but no matter what kit you have, use gloves.


The vial worked. ;)

5.0 rating

Met some friends on our way to a rave and didn’t want to bring the whole bottle so I put 2 drops in the vial and closed it. When I met up, we put a tiny piece in the vial and INSTANT purple to black. It doesn’t say anything in the instructions about keeping the reagent in the vial, but it worked and didn’t leak, tried to keep it lid up. Just be careful, it’s ACID in there. The mandelin worked too.