Simon's Reagent (MDMA)

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Your Simon’s Reagent Kit will arrive with everything you need!  We use the highest quality chemicals and bottles, complete with a reagent proof euro dropper for SAFE and EASY testing.

We guarantee the longest shelf life possible with fresh reagents and dark amber glass bottles to protect from light degradation, plastic absorption, and moisture.  

And of course, we always offer FREE shipping in discreet plain white boxes. Return address is labeled as PR_USA

Each Kit Includes:

✪ One (1) Simons Reagent (two bottles, A & B)

✪ One (1) Child Resistant Storage Container

✪ One (1) Set of Instructions and Substance Identification Chart

✪ One (1) Testing Vial (for testing on-the-go)


5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
Very good0%

Just get it

5.0 rating

This is a good test for testing your mdma, not 100% critical, marquis is the most important I think, but it’s good to use this too.


A very easy test

5.0 rating

Just another good reagent to have on hand for lots of different things. Use it as a secondary test to make sure things are what people say they are.


Coolest Looking Test

5.0 rating

Got this because I wanted to know if I was getting MDMA or MDA. Definitely MDMA because the blue color is so fast and cool looking. Add it to your arsenal with marquis for tests. 🙂


Don't sniff it, but it works

5.0 rating

Like I said, it really works and the blue reaction color is so cool to watch. But follow the directions and don’t sniff the bottles like I did. Smelled the A bottle cause it was kinda sweet and it really burned my nose, so don’t be a dumbass like me. And don’t mix the lids, I almost did that too. 🙂

Johnathan B.


5.0 rating

All the other tests worked as expected, and the simons had no reaction at all so I knew it was MDA.